jueves, 22 de julio de 2010

Resolving Global Warming

Now every day becomes more indispensable to work together each and every one of us to take away our planet that cover the greenhouse effect is making us a glimpse of an uncertain future here in Lima, Peru are going through a stage of the most harsh winter with temperatures never experienced, and unfortunately that is climate change, plant has been said, Green Lives Project, which attempted to recover the lost water by the melting of our glaciers, will begin this October 10, within the programmed activities 350.org, this media event will start and the motivation that our society needs to engage in the problem and possible solution to adapt, because it remains, to adapt, the goal will be to get the 20,000 trees that will need that day, so that those interested in can actively participate just pressing the right button, collaborate with one or more trees in order that we can achieve our goal, everyone participates, so to cooperate.
More details very soon

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